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What is it like in a Brazilian(ish) Supermarket?

Feijoada completa
In order to make Feijoada, which is a typical Brazilian dish, you need these ingredients.

If you’re reading this, it is remotely possible that you have  interest in Brazilians and/or Brazilian culture… And one cannot separate food from culture.

We hear a lot about Latin food markets, and most people assume the only Latin food is of Mexican origin or that all Latin food is spicy and taco-like.

But, if you have ever wondered what it is like in a Brazilian (ish) – I’ll explain the ish later – supermarket , plus all sorts of unusual fair you would find in such place, I highly recommend the video below from Epicurious.  The good thing is you won’t even need to use the CC button to translate it.

Seabra is mainly a Portuguese supermarket, but as it offers many products that are also common in Brazilian cuisine, as many Brazilian dishes originated in Portugal. The region where Seabra first opened its doors was/is heavily populated by Portuguese immigrants and also attracted many Brazilian immigrants in the recent decade. Nowadays it offers products from other South American countries as well.

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