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20 Things You Have To Do If You Visit The US

things to do in the US

Here are 20 things to do in the US, whether you are visiting as a tourist or coming over to study English:


  1. Practice your conversational English. Don’t waste any opportunities to improve it and learn new words, idioms, and so on.
  2. Make new friends. Americans are friendlier than you may think.
  3. Meet all the other cool foreigners/tourists like you.
  4. Taste the real American food, I’m not talking about fast food.
  5. Then go all the way to taste a lot of ethnic food you will see around here.
  6. Rent a car (it is reasonably priced and it will give you a new view of any city you visit unless you visit big cities like NYC, then you’re better off using the local public transportation system).
  7. The next step is to go for a road trip. It is a fun experience and you’ll get to meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise.
  8. Rent a house or an apartment instead of staying at a hotel. It might be cheaper than you think and if privacy is a real concern of yours, renting an apartment for your vacation is a great option.
  9. Stay in a luxury hotel. For some this could be a once in a lifetime event, so do it and savor every minute of it.
  10. Visit NYC, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Orlando, Miami, San Francisco and other big American cities.
  11. Visit some historic cities as well, like New Orleans, Savannah, St.Augustine, Philadelphia.
  12. Have you ever thought of visiting unusual American states? You could try it if you have already visited the big cities and well-known states. Why not try to visit Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, Vermont? It will give you a different point of view of the American people and different activities to do.
  13. Do you like to sunbathe? Then you should visit American destinations such as Florida, Key West, Hawaii or even Puerto Rico.
  14. Do you like wine? Then Napa Valley and the Sonoma region are great options to add to your itinerary.
  15. Visit a museum, there are so many throughout the country, some are odd and others will blow you away with their collections.
  16. Visit a zoo.
  17. Do you like fishing? Try deep sea fishing.
  18. Go on a cruise (there are many cruise options and a lot of them are reasonably priced).
  19. Go out at night as well. Find a club, a bar and have some fun.
  20. And make sure you visit one of the many National Parks in the US. Nature lovers will rejoice.


This is my list of 20 things you should definitely do if you plan to visit the US. Have you ever been to the US? What would you include in the list above? Let me know in the comments below.


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